Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Photo Essay on the Occupy Toronto Encampment in St. James Park -- 1

The Occupy Toronto movement started its demonstration and occupation of St. James Park in downtown Toronto on Saturday, October 15. The occupy movement is in its fifth day today. 

It was Monday, October 17, when I went to St. James Park to observe and take photos of the encampment of the activists of the Occupy Toronto movement. From 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. I was there going round different groups. The result is this photo essay. 

This photo essay is giving you an overview of the situation there. Even sitting at home and being far from the the actual scene, you will have a glimpse of the encampment in Toronto.

The Anglican St. James Cathedral is adjacent to St. James Park
where the Occupy Toronto groups pitched their camps

The Occupy Toronto public speakers' forum

A speaker is giving to-do and not-to-do directions
to the Occupy Toronto participants

Participants and onlookers listening to the speaker

Some tents of the encampment on the grounds of St. James Park

Other tents in the park

A tent of one of the groups of participants

More tents with a slogan

Some participants of the Occupy Toronto in front of their tents

Other participants in relaxation

Some writers and artists are busy preparing 
posters and placards for demonstrations
Some of the posters placed on the ground

One of the posters on a tree

The Occupy Toronto's own media centre also

Some of the participants in a discussion of issues

One participant holding a poster of "For Sale: Freedom" 
as part of an interview with a TV journalist

Two participants are in discussion among themselves

A line of portable toilets for the participants

The Media news vans of the CTV, CP24 and 680 News 
are giving a regular coverage of the Occupy Toronto groups

More news vans of the CBC Radio Canada and CP24

Photos (Toronto: October 17, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa


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