Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catholic Deacon George Dardess Seeks To Understand Muslims and Islam

 Catholic deacon George Dardess
Photo courtesy: www.americancatholic.org/

George Dardess, a retired professor with a Ph.D. in English literature and an M.A. in theology, was converted to Roman Catholicism in 1983. Later he became a deacon in the Catholic Church,  where a deacon serves as the minister of the Word (giving sermons during the Mass, preaching and teaching of religion), minister of the Liturgy (giving holy communion) and minister of the Charity (providing service to the poor and underprivileged). He is also a consultant to the Diocese of Rochester, New York, on interfaith dialogue and migrant ministry.

As a deacon, George Dardess came to know about Catholic Church’s attitude towards other religions and interfaith dialogue. The horror of the first Iraq War of February 1991, spurred him to know the Muslims and their religion of Islam although, previously, he had no contact with Muslims and he knew nothing about Islam. 

In the meantime, he took training on Islam and came in direct contact with Muslims. He wrote to books, Meeting Islam as a Christian and Do We Worship the Same God? In his approach and in these books, George Dardess took a sympathetic outlook toward Muslims and Islam. Some commentators in different blogs severely criticized him for this sympathy. Some even commented that he lost his way. 

To know more about Deacon George Dardess, his mind on the Muslims and Islam, and interfaith dialogue efforts of the Roman Catholic Church, you may read the following:

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