Saturday, September 17, 2011

Again to the Sauble Beach, Ontario!

It was the second consecutive year that we headed for the Sauble Beach this year on September 2-5 for the sun, sand and swim. Our trip to the beach last year was so enjoyable that we repeated our short sojourn there.

This year we stayed at one of the Bel-Air cottages where we could cook our own meals. Last year we stayed in one of the Bel-Air motels where there are no cooking facilities available.

The following photos give you a glimpse of the sun, sand and swim that one can enjoy at this well-kept beach. The sunset scenes are always different and they linger on in your mind for days to come.

The welcome signboard can be seen from afar

Some people play volleyball, others swim
or use rubber dingy to go to the water

Parents help their children build sand castles

Sunbathing, reading, resting and recreation can go hand in hand

More sunbathers and readers

Three bathers taking a walk before their dive into the water

A little but happy swimmer returning to her parents
after completion of her first round of swimming

Another bather in the water

Swimmers and bathers enjoying their time in the water

Some swimmers get attracted to brave
the higher waves during the sunset period

A boy plays with his "tiger" -- a plastic floating device --
before venturing into the water

Two girls are trying to swim with their colourful swim tubes

A young man is windsurfing in the water

A girl surfs with the oncoming waves

Flying seagulls add a beauty to the surrounding scenes

A seagull is diving to retrieve a fish that got away from its grip

A bird in search of food in the sand after water was on the wane

Birds of another species are in a dignified walk for their food

Why only humans need a bath? Birds do, too!
A seagull is taking a bath by flipping in the shallow water

Look at the sky and see how its colour begins to change
before and after the sunset. This is a pre-sunset scene.

Another pre-sunset scene

A beautiful sunset scene

Another change in the same sunset environment

More changes in the sunset scene

A sunbather and swimmer is trying
to hold the setting sun by her palm

A couple is enjoying a romantic sunset scene together

Photos (SaubleBeach: September 2-5, 2011) © Jerome and Joachim Romeo D'Costa

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