Monday, July 4, 2011

A Photo Essay on the 2011 Gay Pride Parade in Toronto -- 1

Toronto hosted the annual gay pride parade on Sunday, July 3. It is estimated that about a million people, including the gay paraders, were present in the event.

The parade is about sex and sexuality. It is a public statement that homosexuality is normal and everyone should respect men and women who are gay (homosexual). It is also a public celebration of this type of sexuality.

In this parade gay men and women of all colours – white, black, yellow and brown – actively participated. Some gay men and women were scantily clad, a few gay women were breast-naked, and others were attired in gorgeous or outrageous costumes. Some came as cross-dressed (men in women's dress, women in men's dress). Some floats had persons enacting sexual bondage. A few men and women strutted with enormously large artificial penises in front of them, drawing cheers as well as embarrassment on the part of some spectators.
The gay parade is the culmination of the seven-day programme with different shows and activities on each day.

It is fully an adult and double-X affair, where gay sex – between men and men as well as between women and women – is portrayed as unabashed, crude and rugged. Some spectators feel that this type of portrayal of gay sex gives a wrong idea about this type of sexuality and it alienates a large section of the population. These people, who are used to seeing and experiencing love as gentle and caring affair, naturally don’t feel attracted to come as spectators with their family having underage children.

This photo essay will give a comprehensive idea of the parade sans the crudity.

Some spectators

Some other spectators

Other spectators

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