Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homosexuality: Another Dimension of Human Sexual Behaviour -- 1

A same-sex dating advertisement in a Toronto
underground train station

Photo (Toronto: June 7, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa

Whether one recognizes homosexuality as right or wrong, as legal or illegal, as a God-given condition or a sin against God, it is there in reality. Real homosexuals, although a small number in comparison to the number of heterosexuals, are there – in some countries in the open, in others under the cover.

Previously, for many centuries, homosexuality was condemned and, if caught, the perpetrators were punished severely in most of the countries of the world. Some countries, especially in the West, gave recognition to homosexuality as normal sexual behaviour, other countries still condemn the involved persons. Certain countries even today put the homosexuals to death.

Recently, we gave an extensive photo coverage of the 2011 Gay Pride Parade in Toronto to give an idea of the homosexuals and their lifestyle. As more and more countries are giving legal recognition to homosexual or same-sex marriages, one, as ostriches, cannot hide his or her head or eyes in the sand and think the problem will go away. One needs to gain more knowledge on the subject so that he or she can take judicious decision when needed.

Those, who are Roman Catholics, used to think in the past that homosexuality was only present or was a problem with non-Catholics only, but more and more Catholics are now becoming vocal and demanding recognition of their sexual behaviour. In our same photo essay, you can see some Catholic homosexual teachers and students -- male as well female -- are taking part in the public gay parade and placing their demands.

Now let us see what homosexuality is and how different religions look at homosexuals and their sexual behaviour and why, in spite of religious biases the same-sex marriages are being legally allowed in certain countries.

What is Homosexuality?

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