Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Photo Meditation of the Month (June, 2011): SPORTS


A suomo wrestler in a wrestling position
Painting (Toronto: May, 2011) © Joachim Romeo D'Costa


Suomo is a popular sport and entertainment in Japan. Suomo wrestlers challenge each other and demonstrate their strength by wrestling and trying to defeat their opponents. Years of preparation, special dieting and practice make these wrestlers what they are. Although it is mainly a Japanese sport, it is gradually being practised in other countries, too.

Each culture and ethnic group of people in the world have their own typical sports, devised by them and practised for centuries. These sports represent these cultures and their pride.

Sports unite people -- sports persons as well as their spectators -- so fast and successfully that no other form of entertainment can surpass it. Sportsmanship is a special gift of God. We all should encourage and sponsor clean and ethical sports for increasing friendship, unity and peace in our communities, countries and the world.

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