Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Poem of the Month (May, 2011): A CALL FOR HUMAN RIGHTS


Police attack a Tunisian demonstrator on May 6, 2011
Photo courtesy:
A Call for Human Rights

These are some Middle Eastern countries,
That gave birth to some ancient civilizations.
Recently common people there
Sought a little more breathing space,
They wanted a little more freedom,
They wanted a little more democracy,
They wanted a little more job opportunities,
They wanted a little more human right.

But, the rich and powerful, the deciders
Of the fate of the majority people,
Wouldn’t like to hear any of these.
They unleashed violence, threw bullets
At the peaceful and unarmed demonstrators.
Result? Deaths, bloodied streets, wounded citizens.
Government retributions, seeking out the leaders of
The social media “instigators and propagandists,”
And arresting of anyone deemed to be a threat
Is the vow of the incumbent rulers.

These demands are coming from their very own –
Their own brothers, their own sisters, their own fellow persons.
But, instead of trying to address the situation,
The easy thing is being done – muting the voices, making the people voiceless.
Like the head-burying ostrich in the sand, these rulers think
The problem and nuisance will go away soon!
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