Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Photo Meditation of the Month (May, 2011): BEING A TRUE HUMAN


A yellow dandelion flower (at bottom left) and white flurry
seed heads (on top). At bottom right,
some seed heads already lost
their seeds in the blowing wind.

Photo (Toronto: May 28, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa

Taraxacum, commonly called 'dandelion,' is a flowering plant that has a beautiful yellow, orange or white flower which later gives rise to many white flurry seed heads. These seed heads together look like a misty water fountain. With the wind, seeds fly and disperse to different directions. Then when the wind weakens, these seeds come down to the ground like parachutes. In the following year, new plants come out of these seeds.

Although the flowers look beautiful and the flurry seed heads attract onlookers, they are considered a nuisance because, once they take roots on the ground, they are quite difficult to get rid of. When they grow, they overpower other flower or vegetable plants. During weeding in the garden or crop field, if any part of its root gets torn and stays underground, it will grow from there. That’s why gardeners and crop fielders sort of hate these plants.

Some human beings are like dandelions. Outwardly, they look handsome or beautiful, but through their actions and behavior they create problems for others. Whey they prove their inner self, they are no longer considered handsome or beautiful. They may be nagging type, hateful, cunning, revengeful, or simply annoying. They lack in the correlation between their outside appearance and their internal qualities.

A mature and balanced person tries to be disciplined in words and deeds. If he or she follows Jesus’ precept of loving God and loving one’s neighbor, the world will be a more livable place.

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