Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doomsday Prophet Harold Camping Takes No Responsibility for Creating Fear and Anxiety Among Followers


Doomsday prophet Harold Camping as a preacher
Photo courtesy: Associated Press

The world didn’t end, the earthquakes didn’t happen, and his blind and unthinking followers could not go to heaven on May 21 this year. Harold Camping, the senile and self-styled doomsday prophet, had made the silly prophecy that earthquakes would destroy the earth and, just before that, 200 million believing Christians would be taken to heaven leaving all others to their ill fate.

After the non-event of May 21 Harold Camping is said to have been “flabbergasted.” Next day, he returned to his Family Radio preaching work.

As Mr. Camping used his religion or some verses from the Bible with his puzzling interpretation and calculation of the oncoming doomsday and created fear and anxiety among his followers, he is not being held accountable for it. If a non-religious person would create fear and anxiety among a number of people for non-religious reasons, he or she would most probably be held accountable for the costly nuisance. Some people are asking why Mr. Camping should go scot-free for such a deadly behavior.

Mr. Camping did not get rid of his own job, money or properties to be ready for the doomsday but a good number of his gullible followers did so and became bankrupt. Some wonder about the cunningness of this pastor and silliness of his suckered followers.

Without even being repentant about the false prophecy, Mr. Camping has the temerity to announce after May 21 that he had made a little mistake in his calculations, but, according to his new calculation, the world would definitely come to an end on October 21, 2011!

Some also mention, preachers like Mr. Camping belong to such Churches or Christian groups which teach that believers do not need a priest or pastor to interpret the Bible for them, but they, on their own, can read the Bible and understand its meanings. Here we see Mr. Camping has been interpreting the Bible and fixing a date of the doomsday for his followers.

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