Friday, April 22, 2011

Today Is the Good Friday


Jesus Christ on the cross
Doodle (Dhaka: May 22, 1994) © Jerome D'Costa

The veneration of the cross on Good Friday
at St. Lawrence the Martyr Church, Toronto

Photo (Toronto: April 22, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa

The Good Friday marks the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross on the Good Friday, was buried and then resurrected from his death on the Easter Sunday.

This is the most important event in the religion of Christianity. Christians strongly believe that Jesus Christ, the second person of the Blessed Trinity, became man and died on the cross atoning the sins of mankind so that mankind may gain salvation from their sins.

As his followers, Christians take the sufferings and pains of this world in stride and try to bear them like Christ, whose passion and death have a special meaning and symbol of strength.

If there were no death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter) of Christ, Christianity would be meaningless.

Some of his followers take the suffering and death of Jesus so seriously that they want to follow him by being crucified in flesh and blood. Although it may look silly, some Catholics in the Philippines, during this time of the year, get themselves nailed to the cross to expiate publicly for their sins.

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