Saturday, April 30, 2011

To Prince William and Princess Kate: You've the Potential for Bringing Positive Change in the World


Post-wedding ecstasy of
Prince William and Princess Kate (Catherine)
Cartoon (Toronto: April, 2011) © Ujjal Peter D'Costa

About a billion people worldwide witnessed the engrossing wedding ceremony of yours with rapturous attention. Most of these people, irrespective of religion and ethnic backgrounds, had a sincere goodwill towards both of you.

You have so much potential and influence that you can certainly leave a positive mark in this world, especially among the youths.

Our Expectations of You

As long-distance observers, we wish to express our humble expectations of you. These are:

  • Uphold the standard of the British monarchy: Both by words and deeds please maintain the spirit of honour to the monarchy which has been bashed time and again in the past by some members of the royal family.
  • Keep up the standard of the Anglican Church: The head of the Anglican Church is the reigning monarch. Any member of the royal family, behaving pettily and immaturely, brings dishonor to the reigning monarch as well as to the Anglican Church whose head that monarch is.
  • Uphold the sanctity of the marriage: The marriage is not only a life of vows, but, according to the Anglican Church teaching, also a kind of sacrament – that is, the married life can sanctify the two persons involved. Many members of the royal family demeaned this marriage by resorting to petty and silly marital infidelities, separations and divorces.
  • Be good examples to the world youths: As you are young, of influential royal family, and well-liked by millions of youth, you can be of immeasurable positive influence to these youths by both words and deeds.
Please go forward, our blessings are with you!
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