Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Poem of the Month (April, 2011): THE CANADIAN ELECTION FEVER


The Canadian Election Fever

Canada is gripped with the election fever now,
Every candidate is debating each other, hurling mud at one another,
Yet promising largess -- big, bigger, biggest -- to the voters,
Without thinking how to deliver it, as if they possess the Aladdin's lamp!

Stephen Harper heads the Conservative Party of Canada,
Michael Ignatieff the Liberal Party of Canada,
Jack Layton the New Democratic Party,
Gilles Duceppe the Bloc Quebecois, and
Elizabeth May the Green Party of Canada.

The election fever got some engaged in the attack mode
In verbum and in guerrilla war of "attack ads,"
Without respecting each other or honouring ethics or morality
The goal is to knock out the opponent.

Now it's up to the thinking and mature-minded electorates
To sort out the chaff from the kernel,
And to wade through the gooey bog
For reaching the destination that's safe for the whole of Canada. Bookmark and Share