Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chinese Scientists to Produce Human Breast Milk in Cows

In future, we may get human breast milk
from genetically altered cows

Graphics (Toronto: April 7, 2011) © Joachim Romeo D'Costa

Chinese scientists, who genetically modified cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk, expect to have this product mass produced and available in supermarkets within a decade, reports The Daily Telegraph of London.

These scientists, with the support of a major biotechnology company, successfully introduced human genes into 200 cows that will provide an alternative to human breast milk and formula milk to babies.

Cloning technology was used to insert human genes into the DNA of dairy cows before the genetically modified embryos were implanted into surrogate cows.

The Daily Telegraph report also says Professor Ning Li, the head scientist, said their work had shown it was possible to "humanize" cows' milk. He said a herd of 200 cows "were able to produce human-like milk."

If this experiment proves successful and conducive to human health, it will revolutionize milk production for babies.

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