Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bishop Moses Costa, CSC of Dinajpur Appointed Bishop of Chittagong


Bishop Moses Costa, CSC on a visit
to the Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Photo (Niagara Falls: July 22, 2002) © Jerome D'Costa

According to the Vatican Information Service (VIS), Pope Benedict XVI on April 6 has appointed Bishop Moses Costa, CSC, of Dinajpur as the new bishop of Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is filling up the position of Bishop Patrick D'Rozario, CSC, who, a few months ago, had been appointed the archbishop of Dhaka.

Until now, Bishop Moses Costa, CSC, was in-charge of the Diocese of Dinajpur, in the north-west of Bangladesh, with a Catholic population of about 42,000 among aboriginal communities of Santals, Oraons, Mahalis, Mundaris, Malos and Mal Paharis besides the Bangali (Bengalee) community. He served there for 15 years.

His newly-designated Diocese of Chittagong in the south-east of Bangladesh has a Catholic population of about 33,000 among Bangalis and aboriginal communities of Marmas, Tripuras and Bawms.

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