Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bangla (Bengali) Calligraphy: CADRE

The word 'cadre' written in Bangla (Bengali)
Calligraphy (Dhaka: November 22, 1994) © Jerome D'Costa
The word 'cadre' in French means a group of trained personnel who form the nucleus of an organization or a party. This word may have a good or bad connotation depending on what those persons do in relation to other people.

This word was common among college and university students who were involved in student politics in Bangladesh. Student parties were affiliated with country's political parties that used these students for their own ends. As a result, student cadres felt themselves quite powerful and, in many instances, resorted to deadly violence against members of their rival parties. I do not know the present situation, but when I drew this calligraphy, the word 'cadre' conjured up fear among common students.

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