Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Reels from the Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami


Map courtesy: www.greewichmeantime.com/

The unprecedented earthquake of 9.0 magnitude, followed by deadlier tsunami (high tidal wave), devastated the northeast coastal areas of Japan on Friday, March 11. The prefactures (governor-run districts) of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima were hit most severely. The death toll so far is more than 3,500, which ultimately may exceed 10,000, reports the Reuters.

Although many houses and buildings initially withstood the impact of the earthquake, the resultant tsunami later washed away and levelled the whole area that looked like the 1945-atom bomb devastated Hiroshima.

Japan, although a developed nation, is prone to natural disasters like Bangladesh.

The Giver Is Now a Receiver

Japan, which is one of the largest givers (donors) in case of natural disasters in other countries of the world, has now turned into a receiver itself. Emergency aid teams and rescuers from various developed countries rushed in to help out in this emergency. The USA is especially keen in providing assistance regarding the damaged nuclear reactors that are posing a great danger and safety risk to life and health of millions.

Videos of the Japan Disaster

The videos on the recent disaster in Japan is a graphic testament to the devastation caused by both the earthquake and the tsunami. These images touch every heart and make everyone pause for a while to contemplate on the frailty of man and material facing natural disasters.

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