Monday, January 31, 2011

The Photo Meditation of the Month (January, 2011): TWO HANDS


Two Hands
Photo (Toronto: December 4, 2010) © Mary D'Costa

Two Hands

Two hands with their fingers are little limbs but powerful ones. These limbs can bring to reality most of the things that happen in a person's mind.

God gave us two hands to make a living, to touch others and comfort them, to express ourselves by signs and body language, to grow crops, to demonstrate our love, to build, to invent, to express grief when someone dies, to greet others, to write, to draw, to paint, to help others in different ways and to perform many other tasks.

Hands help us climb, crawl and communicate. These are the most necessary accessories of our body. They are a blessing from God.

Although a blessing, these very hands can be used or are used for evil and demeaning purposes. Many use these hands to make weapons, trigger guns, throw bombs, and commit other types of abuse and violence against others.

In our tender age, these hands and fingers are soft and supple, then they become strong and sturdy, and finally in old age they become osteoporous and brittle. Yet, these hands, if desired, can do good to others.

We should be grateful to God for giving us these precious limbs. Let us use them not only for ourselves, but also to do greater good to our neighbours and others.

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