Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Photo Meditation of the Month (December, 2010): ADDICTION


An alcoholic lost his way
and took to the sidewalk
on Bay and Elm streets, Toronto

Photo (Toronto: Sept. 24, 2010 ) © Jerome D'Costa


The above photo shows an alcoholic lying on a roadside. He was so much drunk that he was unable to walk and move anywhere. He was bound to take to the ground with his heavy head. The above picture, although not good to look at, is a stark reality. This picture applies to all countries where people drink and some of whom fall victim to alcoholism -- completely dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism is one of many addictions.

Everyone is addicted to something -- more or less. Some are addicted to alcohol, some to drugs, some to religious fanaticism, some to work (workaholism), some to shopping, some to food, some to sex, some to collecting items, and some to non-work (wasting time doing nothing) and others to something else. When addiction leaves its boundary, when the person is completely irresponsible and becomes dependent on it, it turns to be harmful to the person concerned and to others around him or her.

God has created us to love our neighbours and to love him. To do so, we require to lead a balanced life, a sacrificial life, a life that will bring good to self as well as to others. Addiction should not overtake our life. We should try hard (sacrificial life) to be a caring and responsible persons.

In spite of good lectures and good talks, there will be persons falling victim to different types of alcoholism. Although annoying, intolerable or outright revolting, we should not despise these persons, we should not reject them or we should not throw them away like garbage. If we do so, we become smaller or meaner than them. They are also our neighbours. That's why Jesus said: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

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