Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Modern Casanova Charms His Way to 19 Marriages!

Oliver John Killeen in an attractive dress
Photo courtesy: The Toronto Sun

Oliver John Killeen in ordinary dress
Photo courtesy: The Toronto Sun

Oliver John Killeen (72) is an Irishman and a modern Casanova who is said to have seduced and married 19 women in four countries including Canada. This inter-country charmer is now facing trial in Toronto on the charge of bigamy (having two wives at the same time), reports The Toronto Sun of today.

He had a way with women who found him to be a good talker with tall stories and a charming personality. He was a good talker and an attentive listener with a remarkable knowledge of female psychology. He would talk about what the women wanted to hear. Once he was arrested in Britain but got away easy. In an interview to an Irish newspaper, he had said: "Getting divorced is costly and time-consuming, so I decided not to bother." He further said: "I gave women what they wanted. If they were foolish enough to marry me with a few weeks of meeting me, that was up to them." He also bragged: "Conning women is easy."

Casanovas in Bangladesh

There are examples of Casanovas in every country. Bangladesh newspapers from time to time come up with such examples which mostly happen in rural areas where mostly illiterate and financially disadvantaged people live simple lives and where the rule of law does not extend to its full extent. Dozens of years ago, I had read of a full-bearded elderly guy who had married 44 times. There was another case of a fellow marrying for the eighth time. In those areas, Muslim men can get verbal divorce by shouting "talak, talak, talak" (I divorce you) three times at the wife!

The Real Casanova is from Italy

The real Casanova, after whom the word 'Casanova' (a womanizer; a philanderer) got mentioned in the dictionaries, is originally from Venice, Italy. His name was
Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (1725-1798). He was a soldier, diplomat, adventurer, spy and writer. In his autobiography he mentioned in detail the erotic conquests of women he had made. He claimed to have conquered 122 women in several countries of Europe, especially France. Bookmark and Share