Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Poem of the Month (September, 2010): SIGNS OF THE TIME


My poem, "Jooglokkhon" (Signs of the Time), was
published in the "Chowp!" magazine in Dhaka, Bangladesh

My above poem in Bangla (Bengali) was published in the February 21, 1992 issue of the "Chowp!" (shut up) -- a mini poetry magazine-- edited by Christopher Purification and Amal Milton Rozario. This poem reflects the contemporary situation of the society and country.

I am providing below the English translation of the poem for our blog readers.

Signs of the Time

Today the signs of the time of our society and country are ominous,
The actions and doings of our intellectuals and political leaders are not good.
The weight of their words is heavier than their actions,
There persists only hullabaloo, recrimination and tongue-lashing.
Wherever we go, we see spoilt ones, bullies and hypocrites,
And flag-bearers of dozens of nationalisms.

There's no security to children, adolescents, youth and elderly,
There are pains of compromises, threats and terrorism.
This sort of signs of the time wrap us with despair;
But we also know that serenity comes after a storm, resurrection follows the death.

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