Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Photo Meditation of the Month (September, 2010): DEFORMED BUT PERSISTENT


A cedar tree at the Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada
Photo (August 17, 2010) © Jerome D'Costa

Deformed But Persistent

This cedar tree, when growing up as a plant, perhaps was damaged by strong wind or human action. It had to face its hostile surroundings. Although it had to struggle when growing up, it did not give up. It became crooked but it still continued its journey forward. Perhaps the owner of the tree was impressed by its indomitable spirit as well as its beauty in deformity. The tree, as if, is standing in a dancing pose! Now it is a strong tree surviving all the odds. It is now inside the compound of a restaurant. In the Summer, when restaurant patrons sit on tables set up in the front lawn, this unusual tree becomes an important topic of their discussion.

Similarly, human beings also face a lot of difficulties and barriers from their birth. There are discouragements, there are hatreds, there are envies and there are even hostilities in front of them. Those, who can wade through these murky waters with their heads held high, can succeed in life. Whatever qualities they have, they must give their best to pursue goals. They may bend, but they must not break! That very attitude of persistence will make them free.

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