Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Doodles on a Mongoose and a Snake

During my childhood in Rangamatia Village in Gazipur District, Bangladesh, I used to see a mongoose come to our family bamboo grove adjacent to our homestead at certain time of the year. I was told that the mongoose was in search of snake eggs which are a delicacy for it. There were different types of snakes, most of them non-poisonous, in our neighborhood.

One day, I witnessed a fight between the mongoose and a snake. I was so frightened by it that I ran away from the war zone. I do not know the result of the fight, but that scene was indelibly marked in my mind.

Later in life, the mongoose and snake, unconsciously, became part of my doodles. You may view them below.

A doodle on a mongoose

Doodle (Dhaka: July 17, 1994) © Jerome D'Costa

A doodle on a snake

Doodle (Dhaka: January 16, 1995) © Jerome D'Costa

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