Friday, July 23, 2010

The Photo Meditation of the Month (July, 2010): UNRECOGNIZED TALENTS


An unknown artist's beautiful chalk drawings on two walls
of the College Park, Toronto

Photo (May 31, 2010) © Jerome D'Costa

Unrecognized Talents

The above chalk drawings, although done anonymously, are so beautiful, so attractive. They show the talent of the artist. They show the artist's care and love placed in doing the art works. These simple artworks create a sense of joy in the hearts of their viewers.

Human beings are the best creations of God, who gave different quality to different person. In the Bible, these qualities and talents -- both spiritual and worldly -- are called 'charism.' They are also called 'gifts.' These are to be used for the benefit of mankind. They work as complement to each other.

Some people have the gifts of writing, speaking, singing, dancing, doing artistic works, producing good crops, showing extraordinary kindness to others, helping others, and so and so forth. Many a time, all these gifts do not get recognition and acceptance. Yet, the person with the gift go on doing what he likes to do best in the best way possible. Frequently we see how unjustifiable criticism and rejection nip many talents in the bud.

As fellow human beings, let us try to accept and recognize each other's talents and gifts. Let us support each other as much as possible. This way people will feel greatly encouraged and enthused to do further good for the society and country.

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