Saturday, July 10, 2010

Catholic News Agencies and Services

Zenit, based in Rome, is one of many Catholic news agencies in the world

Christianity has many different Churches (community of believers), among which, the Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church having more than one billion members all over the world. The Pope, now Pope Benedict XVI, acts as the representative of Jesus Christ, the founder of this Church. All Roman Catholics pay their allegiance to the Pope as their religious leader.

The Roman Catholic Church has thousands of missions and missionaries all over the world. It also runs numerous educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, seminaries and others), administers hospitals, clinics and dispensaries and performs different types of charities through other institutions and organizations.

The presence and influence of the Roman Catholic Church and its members are felt in all parts of the world.

I present below names of important Catholic news agencies and news services that disseminate news of the Catholic Church and its members.

Catholic News Agencies and News Services:

  • aciprensa (Catholic news service in Portuguese and Spanish focusing on Latin America) (Lima, Peru)

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