Friday, June 4, 2010

My Ten Predictions for the Next 50 Years


Layout (Toronto: June 4, 2010) © Jerome D'Costa

I am not a seer, nor a psychic, but an ordinary mortal who like to reflect on events in the world. Through my reflections and common sense, I developed some gut feelings within me.

Out of these gut feelings, I predict the following for the next 50 years (2010 - 2060):
  1. Due to global warming and environmental change, more archaeological discoveries will reveal new evidences and truths demanding the rewriting of history in different parts of the world.
  2. Mankind-aliens encounter and cooperation will take the universe to a new dimension.
  3. The Roman Catholic Church, after suffering setbacks, will undergo unforeseen reforms leading to a better future for the Church.
  4. The developed countries will turn into a large geriatric ward due to improved healthcare and birthrate falling alarmingly low. If proper actions are not taken, governments will find it hard to meet the demands of the ever-increasing number of elderly people.
  5. Natural disasters will take more extreme forms wiping out some parts of the world.
  6. New life forms will be developed in the service of mankind. Counter efforts to harm mankind will also be made but will not succeed in widespread damage.
  7. Made-to-order body organs will be commercially produced for transplant purposes.
  8. Revolutionary communication media, presently unthinkable, will be invented and developed for instant and wider communication in the coming age.
  9. Due to situations arising from population explosions, Asia will be revisited by nuclear war.
  10. The purgation and purification of the U.S.A. will continue for more years and ultimately this country will come out stronger.

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