Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Father's Day: The Father in the Artistic Eyes of His Children -- 1

Today, the third Sunday of June, is the Father's Day. It is observed in many countries. On this day, children think of their fathers in a special way and demonstrate their love and respect to them.

On this occasion, I present below some of the drawings and sketches of me. These show how my children saw me and wanted to preserve those particular moments in artistic ways. Many of their works got misplaced and lost, yet a few samples are given below from the few that survived.

Let me know how you like them!

Jerome D'Costa wearing Indonesian batik shirt and
Bangladeshi lungi (sarong) (Dhaka: Nov. 16, 1987)

A portrait (Dhaka: March 2, 1988)

A portrait (Dhaka: November 3, 1990)

A portrait (Dhaka: December 9, 1990)

On return from work at the weekly Pratibeshi office,
reading a book sitting on a bed

(Dhaka: June 17, 1991)

Having a lunch at home with his colleague
Father Jyoti A. Gomes, Director of the Christian
Communications Centre
(at the left)

(Dhaka: August 17, 1991)

A portrait (Dhaka: Dec. 17, 1992)

A portrait (Dhaka: July 24, 1993)

Playing with the youngest child
(Dhaka: July 29, 1993)

Again with the youngest child
(Dhaka: Sept. 15, 1994)

Reading a story to the youngest child
(Dhaka: August 23, 1994)

A portrait (Dhaka: March 4, 1995)

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