Saturday, May 1, 2010

Websites and Blogs on the Catholic Church in Bangladesh

The website of the Catholic Bishops' Conference
of Bangladesh (CBCB)

The present area of Bangladesh came in contact with Christians and Christianity in the 16th century when Portuguese merchant ships made their forays in the Bay of Bengal.

At the invitation of King Pratapadittya, Jesuit missionaries built the first Catholic church in Bangladesh in 1599 and named it 'The Church of the Holy Name of Jesus.' It was built at Iswaripur, also called 'Chandecan' by the Portuguese, in the Sunderbans Forest of the present Satkhira District. Jesuits also erected the second church, named 'St. John the Baptist Church,' in Chittagong in mid-1600. Later other missionaries followed the Jesuits and preached Christianity in different regions of Bangladesh.

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