Tuesday, March 23, 2010

US Healthcare Bill Passed, Shabash (Bravo) President Barack Obama!


President Barack Obama has accomplished what other Democratic Presidents could not do in the last several decades. He got the legislation passed in the Congress on March 21 ensuring semi-universal healthcare for 95% of the Americans. President Obama signed this $938 billion healthcare bill on March 23.

Ultimately, the bill got passed in spite of bitter battle with the Republican politicians and their supporters who opposed the bill on these grounds: a) This new healthcare bill will increase the national debt and place the government in almost total control of healthcare system instead of the present private healthcare system. b) The legislation will increase taxes businesses and rich people. c) Taxpayers' money would be used for abortions.

One important feature of the bill is: About 95% of the Americans will have affordable medical insurance to meet their medical costs. Presently, only those, who can afford, have medical insurance with only private insurance companies. As a result, about 32 million Americans were deprived of their medical insurance due to their inability to pay for high insurance premiums.

This bill will benefit the lowest section of the society most. President Obama will go down in history as one of the great Presidents of the USA.

All the Republicans in the Congress opposed this bill en masse and they vowed to challenge this bill in the court of law.

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