Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TTC Troubadours Entertain the Public in Toronto -- 1

The Toronto Transit Commission, popularly known as the TTC, is presently at its lowest end of reputation. This public company, that runs subway (underground) trains, street cars (trams) and buses in Toronto, is mired by public bashing for ever increasing price of tickets, sex and financial scandals, nepotism and irresponsible and immature behaviour of some of its staff. When the air is afoul with verbal and written punches from the public and counter-punches from certain TTC workers, I like to circulate a breath of fresh air with a good news.

This good news is about the musicians, whom I want to call "The TTC Troubadours." These men and women, coming from different ethnic groups, entertain transit passengers every day at various subway stations. Carrying permits from the TTC, these minstrels take their positions in designated areas of subway stations and sing and play on their instruments. Some instruments are commonly known, others are quite foreign to many.

Some passengers stand and keenly observe the musicians at their work, others do some jig in tune with the music. Some onlookers, in appreciation of the music, throw in money in the form of coins and bills inside the covers of instruments laid on the ground.

These troubadours are like refreshing raindrops in the arid and hectic life of the daily passengers.

Photos (in TTC Stations in Toronto: 2009 - 2010) © Jerome D'Costa

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