Monday, January 18, 2010

A Silverman Impersonates Elvis Presley, Entertains the Public


Elvis Presley impersonation at the Scarborough Town Centre
Photos (Toronto: January 10, 2010) © Jerome D'Costa

The real Elvis Presley with his typical musical pose
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A Silverman impersonates Elvis Presley and entertains the public at the Scarborough Town Centre. It is one of the busiest malls in Toronto. In the weekends, thousands of shoppers and window-shoppers descend on to this mall.

It was Sunday, January 10, 2010. In front of the Sears store, Elvis Presley songs were blaring from a cassette player. Dozens of onlookers, young and old, transfixed their gaze on a single figure on a small pedestal. The person is bathed in silver colour from his hair to his shoes. Because of his silvery colour, I call him "Silverman." He calls himself "Silver Elvis" -- large silver letterings done in metal stand on the floor around the pedestal. Several metal containers are also placed there for the public's monetary contribution.

Some of those who see the silvery figure for the first time, mutter among themselves, "It's a statue!", but others who know the trick say, "No, it's a man, it's a man!"

This confusion arises at what point of time you look at the silvery figure. At one time, you see it with a Presley-like statuesque pose, at another time he is shifting to his next pose!

Most of the onlookers shake their bodies in consonant with the beat of Presley's songs. This is a good example of public amusement through impersonation. This is one of the ways the Elvis Presley legend lives on from one generation to the other.

The Real Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley (1935-1977), popularly known as "Elvis Presley," was an American pop singer of international repute. His music was influenced by American country, Christian gospel and black R&B music. His singing style and acrobatic body postures were unprecedented and unique.

The young and the old of the day were attracted to his music like bees to flower nectar. Teenage girls would be "delirious" and were mad after him. Throngs of groupies would follow him from one singing venue to the other.

Elvis Presley also acted in films -- 33 in all. His music is still popular worldwide. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, he died of overdose of medicines in his home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis Presley is dead, but he still lives on in the hearts of millions. Bookmark and Share