Friday, January 22, 2010

NOTUN DESH: A Publication of Toronto

Notun Desh -- an online bi-lingual (Bengali and English) weekly --from Toronto
Notun Desh (new country), edited by Serene Ferdous, is the online Bangla (Bengali) weekly that debuted in Toronto last year. It is updated every Wednesday. It is perhaps the first regular online newspaper in Bangla in Canada. There are, of course, several other Bangla print newspapers that are being published from Toronto.

This weekly deals with news, articles and opinions on events and issues of both Canada,  Bangladesh and world featuring politics, economy, entertainment, environment, literature, sports, and more. It also has a small English section.

Email contact:

It's available online at: Notun Desh

If you can't read it, you may download "Solaimanlipi" Bangla font from:

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