Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Rembember the War Dead of Rangamatia Parish, Bangladesh


The above news item, written by Jerome D'Costa, portrays
the event of November 26, 1971 in the February 6, 1972 issue
of the Bangla weekly Purbodesh, published from Dhaka. The
photo is of Dr. Peter D'Costa, B.H.

On the occasion of the Bangladesh Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day) we remember those brutally massacred in two villages under Rangamatia Catholic Parish, located in the present-day Gazipur District of Bangladesh. We also remember Dr. Peter D'Costa, B.H., who was a retired teacher of St. Gregory's High School of Dhaka and one of the victims of this massacre.

Immediately after the independence of Bangladesh, the Purbodesh was publishing a series of reports on the war dead under the title "Jaader Rokte Mukto Desh" (On Whose Blood the Country Is Freed).

You may read of the same event in English at:

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