Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Quotation of the Week (December 27, 2009 - January 2, 2010)


Photo (Toronto: December 29, 2009) © Jerome D'Costa

From my high school days, several decades ago, in Bangladesh, I have been fascinated by quotations. Great men and women of the world left such deep insights and profound teachings from their life experiences in their sayings that one cannot but pay a salute and marvel at them. Words are few, but their meanings are far reaching. One has to have attentive ears to listen to their words.

From that time on, I have been collecting quotations -- jotting down on tiny winy pieces of papers, khatas (ruled exercise books), letter-size or foollscap (legal size) papers, and noting down or clipping from newspapers-magazines-books, and so on and so forth. More than a decade ago in Bangladesh, some of these quotations have been computerized and composed in large letters and bound in several volumes. Many of my earlier collections have been lost through attack of white ants (termites), misplacement of a number of these papers, movement from one place to another and the like.

Some of these quotations still survive. Now I like to share some of these gold nuggets with you readers. Please look for them every week!

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