Friday, November 27, 2009

Tareq and Michaelle Salahi Breach the White House Security

(L-R) Tareq Salahi, US Vice President Joe Biden and Michaelle
Salahi at the White House state dinner honouring Indian
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Photo courtesy: Michaelle Salahi Facebook page

The world media are abuzz with the news of Tareq and Michaelle Salahi who breached the White House security posing as invited guests at the President Obama's White House state dinner on November 24. The dinner was in honour of the visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

This is the rare and deepest penetration of the security in the house of the President of the world's most powerful nation where the Prime Minister of another powerful nation was present. This could have been the most devastating disaster of the century if these two uninvited guests were real terrorists bent on doing harms.

This breach of security came to the attention of the news media and authorities when Michaelle Salahi in her Facebook posting boasted of being "Honored to be at the White House" with accompanying photos showing herself with the US Vice President Joe Biden, Washington D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, CBS news anchor Katie Couric, three US marines, and some other celebrities. Another photo depicts Tareq and Michaelle Salahi with Vice President Joe Biden.

The US Secret Service honchos are scratching their heads and trying to find out exactly how this couple breached layers of security measures in the White House. They are also going to lay charges against them.

Tareq and Michaelle Salahi are married couples who live in neighbouring state of Virginia. They are aspiring reality-TV stars and polo-playing socialites. From the Facebook postings it is clear that they are attracted to mingle with the famous and celebrities.

Narcissistic and Fame-Driven Life

If the whole situation is analyzed, the following come to light:

  • The couple suffers from narcissism and compulsively runs after acceptance, recognition and fame.
  • They get a kick from violating the norms and rules. They immaturely thought it was funny to hoodwink the Secret Service and security measures in the White House.
  • To them, the end justifies the means.
  • It was a serious lie to present themselves as invited guests. It was tantamount to stealing the invitation to the state dinner. Impersonation is a serious wrongdoing.
  • It was a total disrespect to the dignity of the President of USA and the Prime Minister of India and it was the showing of the middle finger to these two countries.
  • Their conscience is dulled, they do not know where to draw the line between the good and the evil.
  • It also shows from what background and formation they come from.
  • Can you imagine what apprehension, chaos and confusion it would create among the American and Indian guests and the hosts if the couple was caught at the gate or in the dinner venue as being uninvited?
  • By their presence they lied to each of the invited guests and celebrities they mingled and took photographs with.
  • They wanted to steal the limelight that other invited guests and celebrities enjoy.
  • They are the true children of the instant-satisfaction and cheap thrill-seeking consumer society. That's why they are eager to be like the personalities of the Reality TV programmes with dehumanizing enactments that get praise, ranks and money.

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