Monday, November 2, 2009

Bangladesh Bows to Chinese Pressure and Bans Photo Exhibit on Tibetan Exiles

"INTO EXILE: TIBET 1949 - 2009" is the title of the photo exhibition that was supposed to be held at the Drik Photo Gallery in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from November 1 to 7, 2009. The government of Bangladesh, bowing to the Chinese pressure, banned the photo exhibit and locked the gates of the Drik Gallery. Thus goes the freedom of expression down the drain.

China is a friend of Bangladesh and one of its largest donors and financial aid givers. China is in a position now to impose its own will on others.

The People's Republic of China considers Tibet as a part and parcel of China and does not tolerate any independence aspirations of the Tibetans. China also does not recognize Dalai Lama, the Buddhist religious head of the Tibetans, as the leader of the Tibetans.

China is extremely sensitive about Tibetan affairs. It tries to stifle any discussion of the freedom and independence of the Tibetans.

For details of the background and present situation of the banning of the photo exhibit, you may read the following:

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