Monday, September 21, 2009

Wooden Animals on the Prowl in College Park, Toronto


A Canadian black bear (it can also have a brown or
cinnamon colour at a certain stage in life)

An eagle swooping down on a prey
Photos (Toronto: 2009) © Jerome D'Costa

Yes, these animals are on the loose in the College Park of Toronto. They look like real ones, although carved in wood.

After Thomas Penney sculpted them in 1983, these animals have been placed in this small park. Ever since these have increased the attraction of the parkette. Weathering years of coldest winters, Spring and Summer rains and sunshine, these animals are still in good condition.

If you are interested, you may drive to Yonge and Gerrard Streets and have a look at the park. Those who want to go by subway train, they may get down at College Station and walk down to the adjacent park. Oh, don't forget to take your children with you! Bookmark and Share