Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Photo Meditation of the Month (September, 2009): SUCCESS


A sculpture at the Folk Museum in Sonargaon of Narayanganj
District, Bangladesh, depicting the tremendous effort that
the bullocks and the cart driver employ in
pulling up the cart from the sticky mud
Photo (Sonargaon, Bangladesh: 1989) © Jerome D'Costa

Imagine a tropical country with the Monsoon season -- frequent rains, literal downpours. Mud roads in the villages get soft and soggy. If bullock carts ply on these roads, clay gets more mashed up and gooey giving in to the pressure of weight. Cart wheels get bogged down. Strong bullocks find it hard to pull out the cart from the clutches of the mud.

Bullock carts sometimes carry people from one place to another. Most other times, they carry goods and construction materials. In spite of all hurdles, they have to move on. They move on. The bullocks and the cart driver, with all their strength and sweats, pull the cart up from the mire and move forward to their destination. Day in and day out they repeat that.

Our life passes through similar phases. Sometimes it bogs down -- we find it difficult to get up and go. With a clear goal and focus, determination, patience and perseverance we can succeed. There's a saying: "Try and try again; you will succeed at last."

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