Friday, September 25, 2009

A Photo Essay on My Trip to Ottawa, Canada

This was my third trip to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. In this one-day trip on July 27, 2009, I had the opportunity to go around a bit. In this short time, I tried to capture the spirit of Ottawa in my photographs. Please let me know, through your comments, how you like them.

The business district of Ottawa

The Centre Block of the Parliament of Canada
as seen from a street level

The bronze statue of Queen Elizabeth II on a horse

The bronze statue of William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874-1950)
the 10th Prime Minister of Canada -- was the longest serving
(almost 22 years) Prime Minister in the British
Commonwealth history

The Canadian flag near the Parliament Hill

Visitors at the monument to "Women Are Persons!" It celebrates
joint efforts of five women who won a legal challenge in 1929 to
have women considered "persons" under the British North
America Act.
This case was a landmark step in Canadian
women's struggle for equality.

A bronze statue announcing "Women Are Persons!"

The East Block of the Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Wellington Street scene near the Parliament Hill

The statue of Terry Fox (1958-1981), the Canadian hero,
who had initiated his 'Marathon of Hope' run across Canada
to raise funds for cancer research. The annual "Terry Fox Run"
held worldwide is named after him.

The "Flight", sculpted in bronze by Sorel Etrog in 1966

A decorated window of a church in Ottawa

A wall decoration of two polar bears in action

A totem pole in front of an aboriginal handicrafts
and artifacts shop in the Sparks Street Mall

A bronze statue of a Canadian black bear
in action in the Sparks Street Mall

Two women with their children
taking an afternoon stroll
in the Sparks Street Mall

The "Joy", sculpted in bronze by Bruce Garner in 1970

Some teens expressing their affinity with
the sculpture "Joy"
in the Sparks Street Mall

(L-R) Jessica and Renee -- two students -- sell bus tickets in
the city tour and river cruise booth as part of their summer job

Tourists and visitors are waiting for their bus tour

City tour buses are lining up for loading tourists and visitors. The
amphibian red bus (in the middle) is called 'The Lady Dive' --
which runs on the streets of Ottawa and nearbouring Gatineau
city as well as ply on the Rideau Canal and Ottawa River

The tour bus guide (in red T-shirt) in the Lady Dive is describing
the important sightseeing places to the tourists and visitors

A view of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier -- a victim
of the First World War (1914-1918) -- in the Confederation
Square as seen from inside the 'Lady Dive' bus

A view from inside the 'Lady Dive' as it is plying in the water

A view of the Rideau Canal with a number of tourist boats

Another view of the Rideau Canal. In winter, when the water
of this canal freezes completely, people skate on its solid ice!

Beautiful summer flowers in Ottawa
Photos (Ottawa: July 27, 2009) © Jerome D'Costa

A series of my photographs on the Parliament Buildings on the Parliament Hill and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Confederation Square in Ottawa will be posted later in my blog.

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