Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Poem of the Month (June, 2009): FATHER


Design © Jerome D'Costa (2009)

Today is the Father's Day. On this occasion, I present you the following poem.


Who is a father?
He is a part of the triangle.
To be a father he needs a female and a child.
When the three make a full triangle,
The fatherhood is completed.

Father is a progenitor, protector, example, guide and mentor.
A child needs a father in his or her early growing years.
Either by death or default there are many families without a father.
Young children yearn so much for a father,
But there's no father to go around.

There are also 'bachelor' fathers,
Who live in the family but not with the family.
They live a life of their own,
Being abusive, selfish, and apathetic.

Fatherhood is a difficult and sacrificing job,
Entailing responsibility, perseverance, sharing, love and empathy.
Let fathers be real fathers
Bringing unity and love in the family and the world.

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