Monday, June 8, 2009

My Doodles Series -- 1: "Lord Jesus, You are..."


Doodle on "Lord Jesus, You are..." © Jerome D'Costa

From today I am publishing a series of my doodles that I drew in the past. I have been doing doodles since my childhood, although I did not know until much later that this sort of sketches were called 'doodles'.

In course of time, I lost most of them -- first, when the West Pakistan army attacked our village in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) on November 26, 1971 and burnt down most of the houses, including ours. Later I lost many others in termite attacks. In this blog I will be publishing some of the remaining ones that are still available.

Translation of the Above Writings in the Doodle

The above writings are in Bangla (Bengali) done in my own kind of ''calligraphic" style! The translation of them in red bold are as follows:

The bold letterings in the middle above the cross are: Lord Jesus, you are...

Top row (L - R): loving, kind, merciful, forgiving,
Second row: peace-giving, patient, sweet,
Third row: holy, healing,
Fourth row: consoler
Fifth row: saviour, inspirer,
Sixth row: protector, service provider,
Seventh row: glorious, living, ever-present, almighty, truthful.

I sketched them as they flowed from me. I did not visualize or pre-plan them.

Please view my series of doodles and do not hesitate in leaving your valuable comments in my blog.

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