Monday, March 30, 2009

The Poem of the Month (March, 2009): YOU'RE NOT A MERE FLAG


Flag Courtesy:

You're Not a Mere Flag

By Jerome D'Costa

You're not a mere flag
Simply fluttering in the air,
You're a powerful and a meaningful symbol.

A symbol of bloodshed in the Bangladesh War of Independence,
A symbol of offering one's own life for the country,
A symbol of defiance against unjust policies and actions,
A symbol of uniting the country for a common goal,
A symbol of hope and progress for the future.

Let the bipartisan bickerings and differences
Give way to the unity of purpose,
Let not petty selfishness
Mar the greater good of all.
Let not the wickedness of a few,
Bring injustice and suffering on the masses.

Let's remember that
After a long dark night you appeared as a beacon of light,
To the oppressed, to the suffering, to the diminished.
Yet, through our unity in diversity, sacrifice, and hard work
Want to keep you riding high and above with pride and dignity.

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