Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Photo Meditation of the Month (February, 2009): THE ELDERLY


An elderly lady in Kalikapur Village, 
Natore District, Bangladesh
Photo (December 15, 1989) © Jerome D'Costa

The Elderly

They are everywhere -- in families, societies and countries.
Some call them the elderly, the aged, the seniors -- whatever suits them.

Some see hopelessness in them, expect them not to last the next day or two.
Some tolerate them, take their existence for granted, but think of them as know-nothings.
Others see them pregnant with age and wisdom, source of knowledge and hope.

In reality, every fold of their skin, every white hair on their head, tells tons of stories.
Their faces are mirrors of the earlier generations, their faces bear messages for the next ones.

Their smiles, their tremulous lips can be forecasters of the good news, if you're attentive.
Their slowness, their gaunty walk can give them a dignity, a grand poise, though.

Whatever their limitations, they are ours, they passed life as we are passing.
We have to tread on the same path they have trodden.
Let's give them our respect, our love and our sacrificial care,
So that their remaining days on earth be worth living, fruitful and enjoyable.

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