Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Photo Meditation of the Month (January, 2009): PEBBLES


Pebbles on the Rainbow Haven Beach, 
Nova Scotia, Canada 
Photo (August 15, 2007) © Jerome D'Costa

God's creative force is at work. What once were stones and boulders, turn into pebbles in the next.

Years of sun, wind and water turn mountain stones into boulders that hurtle down mountain sides. They crash against each other. They wade a lot of water and endure hard grinding and thrashing bearing immense pressure of water. On their way down the rivers and rivulets, neither can they view the sky, nor the direct sun, nor the lush greeney around them.

Ultimately, one day, they evolve into smooth and attractive pebbles. Pebbles that symbolize bonding, perseverance, unity, and beauty in togetherness.

Our life also undergoes a sea change like the pebbles. In the beginning, we are rough, we are clumsy, we are awkward. Constant pressure of relationship, pressure of study and pressure of work change us gradually. Trials and tribulations, pessimism and negativity, sufferings and frustrations sharpen our life, bring discipline in our life and beautify our life. We then become mature and complete men and women.

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